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About Us


VisionFund Zambia is a leading microfinance institution established as a subsidiary of VisionFund International, a global microfinance institution operating in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East/Eastern Europe. VisionFund International is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Vision International, a Christian relief development and advocacy organization. Working together, we provide the foundations for local economies to flourish in healthy and safe communities.


We provide financial services to people who would otherwise have little or no access to credit. The well-being of children, families and communities in Zambia is our main focus. We serve the country’s poorest people by helping them start or grow their own businesses through loans of just a few hundred dollars.


VisionFund Zambia has been supporting clients since 2003. Since then, we have grown to serve 15,000 active borrowers and impact 52,000 children and 17,300 jobs.


World Vision originally began its microfinance and savings programme in 1993, but quickly realised the global need for microfinance and the immense role it played in reducing poverty. VisionFund International was then founded in 2003 to manage its network of affiliated microfinance organisations (MFIs).


Since then, VisionFund International has been lending money to people in need of financial services, helping them to start or grow sustainable businesses. Our clients use the income earned to build a better future for their children, for example, through having clean water, nutritious food, education and healthcare. 

Working in Zambia

Zambia's economy has experienced strong growth in recent years, with GDP increase from 2005-10 of about 6% per year. Despite economic growth, poverty remains a significant problem in Zambia due to high HIV/AIDS cases, an overdependence of the economy on copper, and high-income inequality.


Poverty levels have remained high at 76% for the 61% of Zambians living in rural areas and 53% in urban areas. Poor people in Zambia live shorter lives, are uneducated and are often denied access to healthcare or financial credit.


It is estimated that only 34% of the population has access to financial services. This denies many the chance to earn a viable income. With such a low level of financial inclusion, the work of VisionFund Zambia is critical.


Nkosilathi Moyo joined VisionFund Zambia as the CEO in April 2009. He has over 14 years experience as a microfinance practitioner, consultant and regulator. Before joining VisionFund Zambia, Nkosilathi was a bank examiner with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Nkosilathi has a Masters in Business Leadership from the University of South Africa, and a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology from the University of Zimbabwe.


VisionFund Zambia is a wholly owned subsidiary of VisionFund International and World Vision, and has a board and management team.





Awards and Ratings

In 2014, the VisionFund network of microfinance institutions received over 50 awards and ratings from a collection of external bodies. We are encouraged that our commitment to excellence and service to our clients has been acknowledged across the globe.


Please contact VisionFund Zambia for more information about this specific MFI. VisionFund’s microfinance institutions are some of the most awarded in the industry. Here are some highlights from around the entire VisionFund International organisation.


  • Mix Market 5 Diamond Transparency Award for Bolivia, Bosnia, Cambodia, and Ecuador
  • 15 Seal of Transparency Awards for various MFIs
  • 10 Kiva Badge of Anti-Poverty Focus Awards
  • Mix Market Social Performance Platinum Awards for Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Philippines, and Herzegovina